InstaLocal Success Statement

Let’s build your Success Statement together! Fill out each field below. Do not capitalize your answers, or add punctuation. Your results will be emailed to you afterwards. If you wish, you can share them in our Facebook community with the hashtag #SuccessStatement so that we can all cheer you on!

  • Select a goal. Make it specific.
  • Select a specific date that you want to achieve this goal.
  • List a positive trait or two, something good about yourself!
  • We all hit roadbumps, and some of them? We see coming from a mile away. What problems can you anticipate? What will stop you from making progress on your dream?
  • When the problem comes up, what are you tempted to do instead? What stops you from hitting your goal? (Surf Facebook all day? Binge on Netflix? What is it for you?)
  • What can you do instead of that temptation? What is a better way to respond? A better course of action to take?
  • We don't always make the right choice. Sometimes, we still give in to avoiding the action we need to take. How can you get yourself back on track? How will you let go and move forward?
  • What will it look like when you hit your goal? What is driving you forward?
  • How will you celebrate each milestone you hit on this journey? No matter how big or small?
  • You chose to do this for yourself for a reason. Declare it here. What is driving you forward?!