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  • Hello, and Welcome to InstaLocal!

    This form will help me to serve you better in our InstaLocal class. As this is a co-creation course, knowing where we are starting at is key!This is more than that though - it is more than helping me get to know you, it is helping YOU to get to know yourself and your business.Let's set your intentions for this course.
  • What is your business about? Are you the owner? If I was to introduce you to a friend, what would I say?
  • What's working? What isn't working? How does your business make you feel? Anything you love? Anything you hate?
  • Have more than one? Please indicate which one is the one you are focusing on growing for this course.
  • (Remember - it's the clients you're bringing in that matters the most. This just helps us know where you're starting at.)
  • That burning question that keeps you up at night? The one that you most want to find an answer to?
  • What goals do you hope it will help you achieve? What problems do you hope it will fix?
  • Think back to when you signed up. "I joined this because..." is the question you want to answer.
  • Something that only you would know that will boost your confidence and get you back on track.
  • Your phone number, for example.