“I Don’t Have Time to Blog” – Bullshit Stories I Tell Myself

Things are about to get a lot more real here. More raw. More honest. All of those things I normally post on Facebook, giving them all the good content and keeping things super clean and polished here? YEAH. That. That is going to end.

Last week I was at the Emerging Women Conference in San Francisco, and attending a class with Jackee Holder on the therapeutic impact of personal writing broke the floodgates open for me. (The floodgates were already near bursting, but that is a story for another time.)

The next day I wrote a list of over 40 posts I could write about here. This is in addition to the ongoing lists that I keep all the time with topic ideas.

Then I added them to the list of all the posts that I have never written about.

Then I did nothing with them. Sunday through Thursday, I have not touched the list again.

I could claim that that is because I’ve been traveling. I thought that the fact that I had a red-eye flight on Sunday night and a brief 48 hours in Houston with a lot to do while I was home was why I have not blogged about them.


I talk about these topics all the time. Client calls, workshops and presentations that I give – but I am “sooooooo busy” I don’t have time (truth: I don’t TAKE the time) to write them out as blog posts.

In order to force myself to break this cycle? I’m going to start writing about when I hit that wall myself. Right here, on my blog. All of the bullshit stories I tell myself. Those little things that keep me small? I’m over them.

Just a few minutes ago, I was thinking to myself how I don’t have time to blog. So much to say, no time to write. Nope, no time at all………….


I spent an hour on Facebook this morning already. I answered people’s questions, I wrote witty posts about the things I found online that others had posted.


The Facebook zombie … it is eating my brain and keeping me from writing HERE.

Before Facebook came along – before Twitter came along – I used to write on my personal blog sometimes 4-5 times a DAY. I had so much to say, my blog was where I said it.

Lately, it just feels so much faster and easier to drop those wisdom nuggets on Facebook and move on. Zip zap, open the app, post, move on.

Good for Facebook. Not good for ME at all.

Once I write them, they are gone within a day. No one sees them again. So many nuggets of wisdom – just tossed aside.

I Don't Have Time to Blog - are you telling yourself this bullshit story? Is it time to change the narrative?

Breaking down the Bullshit – I DO HAVE TIME TO BLOG

  • Facebook may feel easier, but I *KNOW* that it does not serve me personally, and it doesn’t serve my business. It needs to be in addition to, not instead of, blogging.
  • I think part of the anxiety is because of the need for a photo for every post. I need to decide how much of that is a choice of my own, and how much of that is a reality. Because of my blog template right now, the photos are required as part of the design, so what can I do to make it easier on myself? I made templates in Canva already, so it is a bullshit excuse. It took me maybe 5 minutes to make the two graphics I needed.
  • Since I teach people to use their blog for their business, I KNOW that every post does NOT need to be polished or perfect. Not at all. People connect with the REAL. Not the perfect – we love the rough edges. The things that polarize. That is how we find our tribe. I need to honor you by giving it to you straight.
  • Well, look at that.

    A whole blog post, over 700 words … written in less than 30 minutes. About the time I would take to write an email that is this long. All because I put down my iPhone and stopped reading Facebook.

    I told my friend Jessica in September that it is GO TIME. I have got to let go of these bullshit stories I’m telling myself. Thanks for joining me in this cathartic therapy. Now go write a blog post too!

    PS – There is a fly in my hotel room here at Blissdom Canada. It is making me crazy. It keeps trying to land on me – and I can’t seem to kill it. UGH. So annoying!

    About the photograph: While in California last week, my friend Keri Vaca & I took a road trip to the west and went out for a glorious 24 hours in Yosemite National Park. When she asked me where in the park I wanted to go, I knew that Glacier Point for the sunset was a must. It did not disappoint!

By Christine

Business Coach for Local Businesses, founder of the InstaLocal System, and Best-Selling Author. Blogger since 2000, I named WordPress. (Yes. Really.) My Superpower: Helping Local Business owners like you use the power of story to magnetize clients and dominate your market. It is time to stop believing the lies of the Perfection Culture. I live in Houston, Texas when I'm not on a road trip adventure in my Mini Cooper.

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I have to work really hard to get over myself when it comes to blogging. Since I have realised that sharing my messy personal stories is actually a part of what I have to do to show people the real authentic me, that talking about my struggles will help me to help others, I find it easier, as I can get into flow easier because i am talking a lot about my own lived experiences. I have a lot of ‘oh my god, do i really want to put THIS on the WORLD WIDE WEB?’ moments, and there might be some bits that maybe shouldn’t have gone online, but it is me being really open about being me, and that is scary, but it does feel good as well!

I think Facebook is a blog eater for lots of people. One day I will beat my addiction to that, I was able to beat drinking and smoking, I am sure I can beat the Facebook beast!! 🙂

Thank you for a great post Christine x

I feel as my brain has been reprogrammed to only produce in sound bites (Twitter) or headline/punchline (Facebook). I commented on my own shared post of this article and realized how stupid it was not to leave a comment HERE. We need to reprogram ourselves…

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