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Houston Wedding Photography – The Best of 2011 – The Second Quarter

While working on this post, it was fun looking back on all the changes that the second quarter of 2011 brought to both my business and my family! While all of 2011 was amazing, this is when it really kicked in to high gear!

April started off with Ashley & Jess’s wedding at Tiny Boxwoods. It was such a perfect venue for this gorgeous day! They chose the location because it was where they first met – Jess works there, and Ashley came in with her mother one day – and the rest is history! I love it when fate brings two wonderful people together like that! Thank you again to Meghan, one of my former clients, for referring Ashley to me – I enjoyed working with them so much!

Kandace & Clayton were married at Kemah Gardens, an absolutely charming Bed & Breakfast in Kemah, Texas – just south of Houston. Kandace is friends with two of my past brides, Kara & Melissa, so when they found out she was looking for a wedding photographer they sent her right to me! I love working with clients who are friends of past clients – it somehow just makes everything so much more fun, especially seeing the couples I’ve worked with over the years there at the wedding.

Kandace & Clayton’s whole day was just so full of love – you could sense how much they mean to their family & friends. Whenever Kandace was near, Clayton would just light up! It was beautiful!

This moment cracked me up – I had gone out of the bridal room to check in on things, and when I came back in I found Kandace and her brother peeking out the window to watch the bridesmaids going down the aisle. It was so cute!

I always love that moment when the groom first sees the bride walking down the aisle!

Nicole & Jack met because of the Heights when their realtor introduced them while Nicole was house hunting in the neighborhood. Meeting in the Heights, they wanted to incorporate our neighborhood in to their wedding as much as possible — we did their engagement session on 19th Street, and their wedding was at All Saints Catholic Church – my church now, only 3 blocks from my house! It is one of my favorite Catholic Churches in Houston, a historic church with the most beautiful interior! Their reception afterwards took place at the Intercontinental Hotel, and they had the coolest antique car ever take them from one venue to the other!

I wasn’t the only one taking a lot of photographs of Nicole & Jack with that amazing antique car!

The Intercontinental Hotel is so stunning, day or night! The grounds were so lovely, and the ballroom was beautiful!

The party was a good one, and the band, BackBeat had everyone dancing all night and eventually up on the stage with them! I love live music at a wedding.

A few weeks after Nicole & Jack’s wedding Mike & I closed on our 1920 Bungalow in the Heights, and we also moved my studio in to the new space on Heights Boulevard. 8 blocks from the house. I love working in the gorgeous old Victorian! Not only for meeting with my wedding clients, but for boudoir sessions as well. It is fabulous!

This was the quarter that everything changed. My dream of over 20 years of moving to the Heights in addition to having my studio here is a reality now. I’m so grateful to be living in the Heights now, and I love Houston more than ever now!

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