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Houston Boudoir Photographer – Mrs J’s Session

The amazing Mrs J had the honor of being the FIRST boudoir session at our new studio space back in June. She was also the first of our silent auction winners to redeem her session, one that Jennifer & I donated earlier this year to help support a local school. Turns out that Mrs J actually managed to snipe the auction right at the very, very end, winning her session with us! Yay! What an honor!

Mrs J has also recently successfully lost a lot of weight. I think that is just so wonderful that she set out to do what she wanted to do for her health, and she looks so wonderful. Most importantly, it is a glow you just feel coming from her of self confidence. Such a beautiful thing!

Thank you again, Mrs J, for the honor of being able to work with you! You’re amazing, and it shines through in your photographs!

Update: After I wrote this post, Mrs J sent me this review via email to share here with you. If this does not sum up why I do what I do, I don’t know what does! THANK YOU, Mrs J!!! You’re the best, and one heck of an amazing Hot Mama!

I am so grateful to CHristine and Jennifer for donating this amazing boudoir photography and makeup package to my childrens’ school fundraising gala (an HISD public Montessori school). Buying a boudoir session at the silent auction was the furthest thing from my mind. While walking around looking at auction items, my husband kept pulling me back to the boudoir session and I kept resisting. He encouraged me to go for it though, as a gift to myself for my 40th birthday and as a celebration of my 100+ lb weight loss (He is a wise man.) We swooped in at the last bidding moment and won!

I have to say, I was pretty nervous about the session. I am not much of a “girly-girl” and walked in without a real vision of what direction I wanted to go in with the photos. I definitely felt a little bit self-indulgent and silly at first, but Christine and Jennifer really lightened my mood. And when Christine shared her mission of empowering moms with self-confidence through her photography, I was in! Christine made the whole process fun– she laughed WITH me (not AT me!), encouraged me and made me feel 100% at ease. By the end of the session I was walking around with a white sheet barely wrapped around my body. Now that is quite a feat for a gal who has a hard time walking around at the YMCA in one of those skirted mom-bathing suits!

This really WAS a gift to myself. I was stunned by how the photos turned out. They captured me as ME–in my white tank top, natural, relaxed. And then they captured a totally glam side of me that I didn’t even know was in there. It was a blast and I would recommend a boudoir session by Christine to any mom who thinks it’s about time to give herself some much-deserved attention. Remember! There’s a hot mama in there. So, in spite of the spit-up on the shoulder, stretch-marks, day after day of yoga pants, and sleep-deprivation, you should go for it, like I did. Thanks Christine and Jennifer!

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