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Happy Father’s Day!

I have to confess, some of my favorite moments at weddings involved the dads – they are always so proud of their children on their wedding day. It is cliche´ for a reason, after all!

So this is my own little tribute to all the Dads out there that have made the weddings I’ve had the honor of photographing over the past 5 years so special. These are just a few of my personal favorites – there are so many more than one blog post could contain!

April’s Dad’s reaction as he saw her for the first time, all dressed and ready to go see her groom. The one below is also of her with her father – that light in Las Vegas still makes me swoon.

Kelly’s dad helping her check to make sure that everything is perfect before they left the bride’s room to head down the aisle at The Bell Tower on 34th here in Houston.

Catherine & her Dad were both emotional as we waited outside the church at her wedding in Brenham, Texas. The photo below is immediately after the ceremony, as Richard gave her a hug, her proud Dad watched. (This moment may have made me mist up a little too.) There was so much joy & love in that room!

Melinda & I share a middle name and great taste in wedding venues, as her wedding was at the St. Joseph Church Museum and her reception was at the Tremont House in Galveston, Texas – the same as mine! I loved the laughter between her and her Dad as they were about to head down the aisle!

EricaLynn and her Dad during her first dance on the lawn of the Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda. I don’t think EricaLynn could stop laughing – her Dad is such a ham! That was an incredible night!

Lauren & her parents – don’t worry, I love the Moms too! – in one of the sweetest moments. They were just so happy! This was at their house before we headed to Christ the Good Shepherd for the wedding, and The Woodlands Resort for the reception.

In the photo above, you can see Tiffany off in the background — she is Lauren’s big sister. Her Dad was so excited to see her too on her wedding day! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this family!

Kelly’s Dad as he sees her for the first time – the happiness just radiated! Kelly is Lauren & Tiffany’s cousin (their moms are sisters), and I photographed Kelly’s wedding first. It has been so special getting to photograph three weddings in the same family – Kelly, Tiffany & Lauren – and really seeing the great love this family has for one another!

It isn’t all about the brides & their father’s though – the grooms love their dads as well! Ryan’s dad was his best man for his wedding day – I think it is so sweet when I see that! (I’ve had a few Dads stand as the best man over the years!) The bonds in this family have been tested and definitely run deep!

The Dad that sparked the idea for this post to begin with. Sydney posted a photo on Facebook earlier today of her father holding her when she was just a baby, and it immediately made me remember how emotional he was just a bit before they were going to head down the aisle for her to marry Chris. It was such a moving moment, I actually put down my camera after this frame and walked away, leaving the two of them alone.

Ah, Dante´ & Lauren’s wedding – or as I’ve referred to it over the years, the Emergency Wedding. I had just met Lauren 10 minutes earlier, and she had been so calm. But just as they were about to walk down the aisle, the nerves hit her. Her Dad is blowing in her face to calm her down (and to make her laugh!) and so she was blowing back!

It was so fun going through these weddings to pull these photos – I wish I had time to go through every wedding I’ve photographed and relive all of the memories! They all make me so happy. I love a wedding day!

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