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Glamour Photography Studio Houston News! Launching The Flirt Sessions!

Glamour Photography in Houston, Texas - Pam's SessionAfter a lot of discussions with my beloved clients, I realized that there was a gap in glamour photography in the Houston market. As much as people love my boudoir photography, not everyone is that comfortable with being so exposed. I believe that every Hot Mama deserves to see how beautiful she truly is, and I don’t want to let wardrobe choices stand in her way – so I’m officially launching The Flirt Sessions – glamour photography!

For the past year or so, I’ve encouraged my boudoir clients to bring a pretty outfit to their session, maybe their favorite cocktail dress, a nice sweater, a lovely skirt – something that they can have a glamour photograph made of that their husband can put on his desk at work, or they could hand to their mother as a gift at Christmas. If you think about it, for most of us the last time we had photographs done of just ourselves was back in the 90s when you went to the glamour photography studio in the mall — or if you weren’t old enough to do that, you dreamed of the day when you would be! Fortunately, that trend of the hazy look, satin gloves, and hairstyles that you never wore otherwise are gone!

My session with you will involve you selecting your own favorite outfits. You’ll bring them in, and we’ll work together to select the best for your session and choose where to photograph them at. Since these sessions don’t have to be quite so “behind closed doors” we can even choose a destination to go to for your glamour photography session! (Who wants to head to Galveston with me for a little time on the beach or the Strand?!)

I’ve had a lot of clients use these photographs for their social media profiles, and some of the single ladies have used them for things like online dating sites too! It is always a good idea to have great photos of yourself!

At your session, we will create all sorts of great images for you, have a crazy good time, and my mission overall is still the same – I want you to rediscover how beautiful you truly are!

I have to thank my friend Pam of Outside Voice for asking me to help her with her “shopping the closet” series she has been doing on her blog for awhile now. These images below from some of our shenanigans together were part of what really got the gears rolling on this to create these sessions – because you are sexy with your clothes on!

Glamour Photography in Houston, Texas

Beauty photographer in Houston, Texas

Beauty Photography in Houston

It has been a busy, busy week around the studio with lots of things happening – including a whole new paint job at the studio in the Heights this past weekend! I can’t WAIT to share the lovely new colors we picked out, but it isn’t quite finished yet (I have to get the curtains hung up!) – but it will be in the next day or two!

Are you ready to set up your Flirt Glamour Photography Session or your Hot Mama Boudoir Photography Session? (Of course, you are welcome to do a bit of both too!) Contact me right away by clicking here and we’ll get it all set up for you!

New Orleans ladies! There are still TWO session times available for my trip there July 27-29, 2012! Get all the details on New Orleans boudoir photography and book yours before it is too late!

PS – This yellow swing jacket below? Probably still one of my absolute favorites!

Glamour Photography Studio Houston

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