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Getting on Track

WPPI was AWESOME!!! I spent last Friday evening & all day Saturday at the Business Institute, where I learned a TON of new things. It was just incredible – I filled up about 1/3rd of my moleskin with notes from all of the Business Institute panels. This could have been a problem, as I only brought one notebook! But it worked out ok in the end. I think I most enjoyed hearing Robert T. Williams speak, which was ironic because I was so tired I almost didn’t return after dinner for his panel. Instead, at least initially, I think I got the most out of it. Interesting how that happens. Added bonus, he is an Aggie! So I made sure to get a photo so that we can send a press release to A&M about us.

On Friday night, I met up with Gustavo, who I knew already through the Fast Track Photographer forums (more on that below), and Danielle from Flickr. After the Friday panel with Jerry Ghionis (fascinating!), I went to introduce myself to the other people sitting on the other side of Gustavo — only to discover that Rachel & Jamie are the Girls With Pearls from right down the road here in Houston! I also met Nicole, who is such a beautiful woman. We went to the lounge afterwards for the special treat of the piano singer and her wee short dress. Good times with new friends! Elaine finally made it to Vegas well after 1am, instead of her scheduled flight time. We stayed up so late on Friday, I decided to stay in on Saturday after the Business Institute ended.

Dane SandersI spent Sunday at Dane Sander’s workshop for Fast Track Photographer. We talked about a lot of really great things, and then we did our pDNA – a personality test to help you learn about what type of person you are, how it ties into what sort of photographer you are, and how to make the most of your talents. It was a wonderful, intimate day with 20 or so other photographers, and I am so grateful for how everyone opened their hearts and minds and shared so much. So very, very moving.

Sunday night I got to meet up with Elizabeth Sullivan, another Houston photographer, and her now fiance, Gary! He proposed while in Vegas at the top of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel & Casino later in the week. We had fun chatting and catching up – it seems we’ve been too busy to get together back here in Houston, so we took advantage of talking there! Jennifer Wilson came and joined us for a bit. Eventually, we all went our separate ways, and as I was about to head up for the end of the Young Guns panel, I ran into the Tri-Coast guys and finally got to meet Suzy!

I eventually made my way up to the Young Guns session and met up with Regina, and had a whirlwind meet & great with a bunch of people while there. What a rush! Gene Higa was one of the featured Young Guns, and Ann Hamilton was there at the stage when I went to say hello. Regina, Corey Cagle & I headed out and went to the Pixel2Canvas Risque party and then over to the Sara France party. It was so great to catch up with people I already knew, and meet some brand new people – Jesse of, Steve DePino, Rachel & Andrew Niesen, [b]ecker, Tomas Flint, TimCo, Matthew, Anne Ruthmann … I’m sure I’m leaving people off the list, but I can’t think of everyone!

That is a good place to stop for now … more of an update to come!

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