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Ryan & Kat - La Tranquela Ranch

I’ve long been a fan of Ron Dawson’s work, and his never ending quest to help provide informative, educational things for the photography community – especially his podcast, F-Stop Beyond. Earlier this spring, I was caught off guard though when Ron asked me – via Twitter, of course – if I would be willing to be a guest on his show. Me? Really? Absolutely!

I used to have a knitting podcast, so the whole podcasting idea didn’t make me nervous at all. But, dude! It was Ron Dawson! So when the day came in May for our podcast interview to take place, I was really nervous. When I get nervous, I get chatty to compensate. You can relate, right? (Oh, please tell me you can relate!) But in the end we had a FANTASTIC time!

The show went LIVE today – you can listen to it here or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. I highly recommend it — I think I’ve got every show in my iTunes library! Now you can have a chance to listen to my thoughts on the importance of blogging, Twitter, Facebook. And somewhere in there you will discover my secret geek shame … until only a few years ago I did not know that Luke and Leia were twins. Gasp! Horror! I know, right? In my defense, I saw the original Star Wars movies (4, 5 & 6 now) back when they first came out in the theater. I guess I was just too young to pick up on that part of the story line. Oops! Don’t worry though, my co-workers at the time mocked me for quite some time when they discovered this. *hanging my head in shame*

The show was a TON of fun, and made me consider even more doing a photography related podcast in the future. Maybe someday… Meanwhile, go listen to Ron’s show and enjoy!

The images on this post are a few sneak peeks from yesterday’s engagement session in Tomball with Kat & Ryan. They are getting married this fall at La Tranquila Ranch and we got permission to take their 4-Wheeler out to the property for a photo shoot. (Which is why they have riding boots on.) As you can see, he is a bit excited about spending his lifetime with the fabulous Katherine – I can’t say I blame him jumping for joy like that! After we left the Ranch, we headed into downtown Tomball and took some more photos around town! More to come soon – but I had to share some today!

Ryan & Kat - Tomball TX Engagement Photography

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“I’ve long been a fan of Ron Dawson’s work, and his never ending quest to help provide informative, educational things for the photography community”

I’d use the same sentence with the name Christine Tremoulet added in, for the amount of inspiration you’ve provided me with in developing my business on the other side of the pond (Atlantic lest I confuse anyone! :~) Such recognition from Ron is doubly well deserved. We reap what we sow after all.

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