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Glamour Photography Studio HoustonMy Superpower: Helping Moms Grow Their Confidence by Rediscovering Their Beauty!

In the four years that I have done boudoir photography in Houston, I’ve always encouraged my clients to bring a lovely dress for some photos of themselves – ones that could be displayed on their husband’s desk at work for example.

Then I realized, really? EVERY woman needs these photographs!

For most women, the only time we have even considered having beauty photographs of ourselves was that glamour photography studio at the mall in the 1990s. If you weren’t old enough to go there at the time, you dreamed of when you could go there someday. Almost every woman I knew – myself and my mother included – had had a session there.

Think of the Flirt Sessions as being a modern take on glamour photography – but you get to wear YOUR favorite outfits – ones that fit YOUR tastes and style – and enjoy the experience instead of being shuffled through the mall studio! We can even use a variety of locations – both indoors and outside – to make the most of the session!

For me, boudoir photography is all about celebrating the beauty of EVERY woman. That is my goal with every photograph I take. The Flirt Sessions are the Beauty photography addition that I’ve always dreamed of doing but never had a name for it! All the celebration of your beauty, but with your clothes on!

(And if you want to mix and match your session, doing some with outfits and some with lingerie, that is ok too!)

The media has given us all such a distorted view of what is the perfect figure and who is beautiful. You may not have the perfect figure, but who does, really? And who defines perfect? You have the perfect figure – you just don’t know it yet! I’ll help show you just how beautiful you are to us all!

Glamour Photography Studio Houston

I’m a mom, and since when does being a mom mean that you’re not incredibly beautiful? It is all about the posing. We’ll work your angles and I’ll help pose you to show off how beautiful you are! I get it – it will be our little secret, ok? Because to me, you’re flawless!

After your session I will want to share your photographs with the world! That said, I will only ever post photos on my blog or in my portfolio with your permission, clearing each and every photograph I share.

Some sessions never get posted online out of respect for my client’s privacy. (You can read more about my Privacy Policy.)

Be sure to read more about My Story, what I Believe, and all about Your Session. There is also a page full of details on Questions & Answers.

Contact me and we’ll get your glamour photography session all set up!

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