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Trunetta is a FANCY Hot Mama! Boudoir Photography in Paris, France

Boudoir Photography in Paris Tru 006

My friend Trunetta Atwater & I met when we attended a boudoir photography workshop together in Paris earlier this year, and let me tell you – this woman is FANCY! That is exactly how she wants all of her clients to feel, whether they are boudoir clients or brides-to-be, and she is all about giving them that experience. If you’re in Jackson, Tennessee or anywhere nearby, you really should look her up!

The minute I met Tru in the lobby of the Saint James Paris, I was struck by her beauty. A tall, strong, bold woman – I was drawn to her like a bee to a flower. She has the most amazing smile, and laughs with her entire spirit and being. Oh my, and that natural hair! She is so lovely, inside and out! We spent practically every moment possible together throughout the boudoir workshop. From our visits to the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the Musee Rodin to our adventures on the subway – Paris was an adventure that just would not have been the same without her!

Shortly after we met we headed off to find lunch in Paris. Over that lunch together, Tru shared with me the story of her boudoir experience being in front of the camera. The photographer she worked with didn’t even try to connect with her, instead just posing – sit there, stand here. I could tell that Tru & I both strive to give our clients the most amazing experience possible, so I was truly heartbroken when I heard about her experience, and I could see in her eyes how sad it had made her feel. I asked her if we could make time one morning before the workshop started so that I could photograph her — and I was THRILLED when she said yes!

Tru just turned 30 the other day, so this post is a bit of a belated birthday tribute to her and her Fancy fabulousness! She is the mother of a sweet little boy, and the wife of a husband that she absolutely adores – it is their anniversary today! I loved hearing her stories about her family and how much she loves them during our time together, and I look forward to meeting them someday! When Tru told me she was from Jackson, I knew it sounded familiar and I found out later in May that that was because that is where Mike’s cousin (my cousin-in-law?) Shannon and her family live!

I’m so very grateful that for just a little while she let me know what it feels like to be Fancy, and I got to share with her the experience of being a Hot Mama — and the images here are the result! We didn’t have long to work together, but we definitely made some magic! This is one of the few sessions you will see on my site where I was not officially “hired” for the session, but it is always a HUGE honor to get to photograph another photographer! I hope Tru and I get to work together again some day — maybe next time I’ll be in front of the camera!

As per my privacy policy, all photos posted here are shared with Tru’s permission.

Boudoir Photography Paris France

Paris Boudoir Photographer - Christine

Paris Boudoir Photographer - Christine Tremoulet - Trunetta Atwatter

Boudoir Photography in Paris - Trunetta Atwatter

Boudoir Photography Paris - Christine Tremoulet

Boudoir Photography Paris - Christine Tremoulet

Paris France Boudoir Photographer - Trunetta Session

Trunetta & I went to see the Eiffel Tower … uhm … at least 4 times, maybe 5? We went almost every day. We love the Eiffel Tower! I just had to include one photo of the Eiffel Tower in this set!

And who is in that top center window there on the hotel? The amazing, gorgeous, beautiful, and not afraid of heights like me Tru!

Paris France Boudoir Photographer - Eiffel Tower

Saint James Hotel Paris France Boudoir Photography

The Hotel Saint James was an absolutely AMAZING place to stay – I can not recommend it highly enough! They took such excellent care of us, it was so delightful! I will definitely return there someday – maybe Mike & I should visit for our 10th anniversary? Hmm…

When Mike & I go back to Paris, I’m going to finally tour the Louvre instead of just using it for a photo backdrop! (There simply was no time on this trip!)

Sexy in Paris - Boudoir Photographers

As I looked through my photos tonight to prepare for this post, I came across this one and I had to share it too. That is my crepe on the burner on the far right, cooking. Note the largest jar of Nutella EVER there — Mmmmmmmmm… The crepes from next to the carousel across from the Eiffel Tower were delicious! (I’m sure the magic of the Eiffel Tower at night had something to do with that!)

Enjoying Nutella Crepes in Paris France across from the Eiffel Tower

Thank you again, Trunetta for being such an amazing friend! I’m glad that Paris brought us together, and I am looking forward to seeing you again soon — it can’t be soon enough!

Feel free to leave her a comment and let her know how gorgeous she TRU-ly is!

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You captured this beautiful woman – literally and visually – with genius execution! What a great team you two make. I love, love, love each image. Happy Birthday/Anniversary, Tru! Breathtaking work, Christine. xoxo

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