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Erika & Nick’s Wedding Reception – Corpus Christi, Texas

When we did the blog redesign, something about the change made photo uploading break — making it impossible to post. So frustrating! But thanks to my fabulous husband, it should be all fixed now and I can write posts with photos again! Yeah! (This is especially good, because I have a *lot* of things to share!)

Erika & Nick’s Wedding Reception was at the Omni Hotel in Corpus Christi, Texas near the Bay. It was a gorgeous evening, and so much fun! The kicked the night off entering doing the snake move from the movie Dodgeball. It was hysterical!

Entrance Dance

Entrance Dance - the Snake

The cakes were so gorgeous – and so delicious!

The Cake Groom's Cake

Kelly was having fun capturing the girls dancing before dinner.

Girls Dancing

And of course there were toasts – including a really sweet one by Erika’s nephew. I may have cried just a little. (I always do.)

The Toast

Erika's Nephew's Toast

After the toasts, they had their first dance, followed by the Father & Daughter dance, the Mother & Son dance – and then the dance floor was open!

The First Dance

The First Dance

Erika & Her Father

Dancing - Erika & Nick

Getting Down!

Nick Dancing

Elaine has these miniatures that she uses for different photography projects. As we were talking about different ring shot ideas, the thought of using Nick’s ring as a pen for the cows came up. This shot cracks me up!

Ring Corral

This one is even more fabulous!


Someone got a little feisty during the cake cutting!


We left the reception for a few minutes to get some portraits in the lobby.

5 Minutes

My shot of Erika.


Kelly’s shot of Nick at the same time, different angle.


Meanwhile, Elaine was keeping an eye on all the action on the dance floor!


I was totally caught off guard when they announced it was their last dance, and the DJ started to play the music from my website! (Which reminds me, we need to add it back to the portfolio. I miss it.) Turns out that Erika played it for Nick all the time in the months leading up to their wedding – through my site!

Last Dance

And all too soon, the night was over – but not before a loud version of us all signing the ultimate closing song, “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” by David Allen Coe. (The memories of many nights at the Dixie Chicken at Texas A&M – I still know all the words after 20 years!)

You Don't Have to Call Me Darlin' Darling!

Thank you again to Erika & Nick and both of their families for letting us be a part of their beautiful and amazing day! I can’t wait to see them when they come to visit Houston – soon!

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The Omni Hotel Corpus Christi was delighted to host Erika & Nick’s wedding. We wish the couple years of love & happiness!

My favorite picture is of the gentlemen dancing with every single person in the picture smiling. Now that is a rare picture! Gorgeous photos. Congrats on your wedding!

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