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Erika & Nick’s Wedding Photography – Getting Ready – Corpus Christi, Texas

The Church

In January I drove down to Corpus Christi with Elaine and our friend Kelly to photograph the wedding of Erika & Nick. Ok, to be honest – I rode down. They drove. I love road trips, but prefer to be in the passenger seat! (That way, I can knit!) Erika & Nick are such a sweet, gorgeous couple, and we had such a fantastic time at their wedding! I can’t even put into words the love I could feel when I was around them and their families. It was a wonderful thing.

Erika & Nick graduated from college in December, and then started their lives together as husband & wife in January – I think 2009 is their year! So many changes on the road ahead, and I can tell that their love will keep them strong and guide them through it all.

The Chapel
Photograph by Elaine Mesker-Garcia.

Dressing the bride

Dancing Shoes

The Dress

Emerging Bride

Stained Glass
Photograph by Kelly Niemann.

The Ring

The Necklace

Getting Ready
I love this moment captured while everyone is getting ready. So many vignettes, such a buzz of activity and excitement. Getting Erika, the bridesmaids, and the mother of the bride all ready for the ceremony. Something about it draws me in every time I look at this photograph.

The Guys
Photograph by Kelly Niemann. So much easier for the guys to get ready…


Nick & His Dad
Photograph by Kelly Niemann.

The Men.
Photograph by Kelly Niemann. You can’t tell how windy it was out there, but it was blowing so hard, I’m surprised they weren’t toppling over!

Elaine helped to save the day with her sewing kit, helping to prevent a dress disaster!

Erika & Her Parents


Ready to Walk Her Down the Aisle!
Erika’s father, ready to walk her down the aisle!

More to come from the ceremony & the reception later this week!

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For the last photo, you are smart when standing infront of the bride, but, from the exiff, I found that you fired a flash, did you bouce the flash or direct fired..?

Great work at First Baptist in Corpus Christi. You must have worked hard to stay out off the shots in the bridal room…. That room is a bugger to shoot in.

Keep up the outstanding work,
Derrick Perrin

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