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Episode 23 – Time Management & Social Media with Abbey Kyhl

Time Management & Social Media with Abbey Kyhl

My guest this episode is Abbey Khyl, founder and chief strategist for Seven Summers Creative and photographer and lead for AK Studio & Design.

Abbey’s core mission with Seven Summers is to help people be BETTER – better business owners, better parents, better spouses. In a very intertwined way, this all comes down to managing time deliberately – and that means avoiding digital distractions.

Abbey shares tips throughout the episode on things she has done with her family and her business to spend time more wisely. For example – investing in creating systems and processes to manage your business workflow, which can in fact include automated reminder emails to yourself for the next tasks in the sequence. At home, Abbey talks about setting clear boundaries for all family members, such as no phones during family movie night or not checking Facebook when out with friends at lunch.

It’s important to realize that this is about making new habits, and that creating habits requires support. Your spouse, your business partner, your employees, your kids – whatever your network, hold yourselves accountable and challenge each other to keep to the goal.

Finally, realize that this does not happen overnight. This is a sustained effort. Instead, think about being just ten percent better at something today, and tomorrow or next week strive to be another ten percent better. Chipping away like this can help make the change manageable but also help it to stick.

Apps mentioned in the show:
RescueTime –
Moment –
Circle –

Key Points

“We cannot survive by avoiding technology…. If you want to have a business, if you want to have a job, if you want to just even be able to function in your day to day life, you have to be able to use technology wisely.”

“What was the most poignant thing you saw on social media yesterday? And usually they’re like ‘I don’t… I don’t… I don’t know, I can’t remember’.”

“It’s called social media and yet it’s one of the most unsocial things we can do.”

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