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Episode 21 – Things You Must Do in Your Business Before Raising Your Rates with Jamie Larson

Jamie Larson, Founder of The Snap Society, discusses pricing for profit on The Life Boss Show

Jamie Larson, founder of The Snap Society, joins me today to discuss the things you must do in your business before you raise your rates.

Jamie lives in Denver, Colorado with her family, but started her photography business about 10 years ago while they were living in San Antonio, Texas. As her business grew and she saw more success, others started asking her for tips on how she did things, and she discovered that while she loves photography? She is really passionate about the business side of things!

From this, The Snap Society, a blog & community for photographers has grown.

Many of us don’t want to be salespeople, we don’t want to push people in to things, we are all about our art, but then there is the other side where we have to make a living!

You can do 5 session a week and be spread thin, or do one session a week, charge more, and have a life again. However, you can’t just charge more! You can’t charge Nordstrom prices and give a Walmart experience to your clients. This doesn’t have to be complicated though!

(Look out for giving the Nordstrom experience and charging Walmart prices – and not being profitable too!)

As you raise your rates, consider your website, the front door of your business. Does it set the right precedence for your business? Beautiful photographs? Intriguing copy? Can people truly connect with you? (Need help with this? Be sure to get on my newsletter for details on the Business Brilliantly course!)

You have to stand out on more than just great photos! How can you get more referrals? Are there opportunities to get out in your community, to set up partnerships with other businesses? Is teaching an option for you? How can you get in front of others as an established authority? Build up the Know, Like & Trust with your future clients.

Branding is another factor that impacts what you can charge. Branding is not just about your logo! It is about how others feel about you, what your clients connect with in your messaging, and knowing what you want to portray out to the world.

Jamie is offering The Profit Challenge, starting on April 9th, 2018! Be sure to sign up so that you can get the workbook, access to the videos, and more!

Key Takeaways

– No one is giving you a raise! You have to give yourself a raise when you are worth more.
– You’re being selfish if you’re not charging enough. You’re undercutting the industry and hurting others.
– It is essential to figure out your costs of doing business! We discuss a number of items you might want to make sure you are including in your CODB.
– Are you making minimum wage? Or even less?
– Don’t copy someone else’s prices. You have no way of knowing their costs or if they are successful.
– Knowing YOUR numbers and what you need to make also gives you conviction & confidence in what you are charging!
– The confused mind never buys.

Books & Websites Mentioned

– Book mention: Blue Ocean Strategy
The Profit Challenge – Starts April 9, 2018
The Snap Society site
The Snap Society Page on Facebook
The Snap Society Community on Facebook
The Profitography Course

Jamie Larson, Founder of The Snap Society, discusses pricing for profit on The Life Boss Show

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