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Episode 19 – Taking a Stand in Your Brand with Lucy Baber

Lucy Baber talks about taking a stand with her brand and the 100 Black Dads project on Episode 19 of The Life Boss Show

Lucy Baber is a family photographer and self-described “art activist” in Philadelphia. In this episode, I talk with Lucy about what that social activism means to her, the risks and bravery of taking a stand in your brand and your work, and the joy and fulfillment that comes with bringing your full self to connect with your clients.

Lucy’s “100 Black Dads” project aims to showcase and highlight positive fatherhood role models among the black families in and around her community. To combat the image and stereotype of absentee fathers, Lucy used her voice and her camera to document the reality she saw in her own community – active, involved fathers – and give that a voice and a platform in the world.

In this case, Lucy’s activism is her passion. Taking a stand and making that part of your brand and message is a polarizing move, one that can alienate some while attracting others to you and your business. While there was a quiet period for Lucy before business picked back up, that perseverance has been worth it in the immensely rewarding experience of having clients want to work with YOU because of who you are completely, not just through the lens of your work and products.

Photo credit: Annmarie Kopey of Blossom-n-Bloom Photography

Key points

  • People don’t know how to choose in a “murky” market; your passion gives them a reason to choose you.
  • On finding your strengths and infusing those into your business: “It pays off in more ways than paying the bills.”
  • Find ways to express your voice and what you stand for; find ways to use them beyond making money. “You’ve got to feed your belly and your soul”


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Lucy Baber talks about taking a stand with her brand and the 100 Black Dads project on Episode 19 of The Life Boss Show

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