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Virtual In Person Sales to Increase Your Profits with Chris Scott

After a session, we often put our pictures in online galleries for our clients to choose from – but just as often, they’re left trying to decide what to do with that and focusing on the wrong things. Switching to in-person sales is a powerful way to guide your clients through that, improving their experience with you and boosting your results.

The key to this is to look at the whole process – planning meeting with the client, the session itself, and the sales meeting later – and do things to set expectations even before the planning meeting. Starting with that creates context for the sales, makes the whole experience cohesive, and builds excitement all the way through.

This can be done virtually, too! Sometimes your client just isn’t physically close enough to be in person. There are a few tweaks to the process but the end result can be the same.

Most importantly, just get started now! Don’t wait or become paralyzed by perfection. Start doing this with your next session and then work to refine it.


  • Switching to in-person sales over just putting pictures online is a huge boost.
  • In person sales are ultimately a better service for your client, not just for you.
  • Set expectations well in advance of ever meeting the client – for example, have galleries of wall art or your product all throughout your website, social media posts, blog, etc.
  • In-person sales can be done virtually as well, with a few adjustments, and with success.
  • Start now. Don’t launch this later in the year – do it now, make it work, then make it better!


Be sure to check out the Virtual In Person Sales Course, and you try out Swift Galleries if you haven’t already!


Chris is one of the co-founders of the In-Person Sales tool, The Printmaker System by Swift Galleries, and is a leading expert in traditional and virtual In-Person photography sales.

Episode 18 - In Person Sales with Chris Scott

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