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Episode 14 – The Reboot! I’m Back!

Welcome back to The Life Boss Show! In this episode, the start of “season 2” (but we’re just continuing on with the numbering to make it easier), I take a moment to share what has happened during the break between the last episode and the present. I tried something new – I recorded it as a Facebook Live video, knowing I would use the audio track for the podcast version. Create once, use twice. The podcast version is below.

For those of you that don’t know, the name “The Life Boss” was inspired by how I felt initially during my recovery from my first round of 4 heart stents. Coming out of that, I realized more than ever how important it was to focus on living an intentional life, and building up a business that could support that.

I hit a point though that it all caught up with me. I need to give myself grace to allow myself to heal. To deal with all the medications that I was on and the roller coaster of the whole experience. I had to give myself permission to recover.

I had to learn about my new normal.

Sometimes you have to know when something has to give. Something has to change. The show was what had to change.

For the past 6 months, I’ve said how I want so much to bring the show back. It has been hard though to return after stopping it publicly like I did, feeling like I dropped the ball, both for you and for myself.

2017 was possibly the roughest year that I’ve endured. I’ve had to learn a lot about grace.

Sometimes we hit a point where we are the biggest roadblock in our business, and it is because we don’t trust ourselves anymore. A broken promise to yourself can be really hard to overcome.

It’s time to stop declaring what I want and not taking action on it.

I want this show to be back. I want this SO BADLY.

I realized at the end of 2017 that it was time to Oprah goodbye, and embrace that I want to focus on working with professional photographers.

Yes, that is the biggest change. From here on out, the episode is focused on professional wedding & portrait photographers. If you’re not a photographer and you want to listen? You are of course always welcome to do so! Making this shift has been amazing so far!

I’m moving forward, and it has been amazing. At the time of this episode being published? 8 more episodes are recorded as well, and another 8 episodes are scheduled for recordings.

It is happening. The Life Boss Show is back! Thank you for your grace & understanding. Thank you. Without YOU, this dream wouldn’t be a reality.

Christine Tremoulet - The Life Boss Show Reboot!

By Christine

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