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The Power of Creativity – The Life Boss Podcast Episode 3 – Jane Ammon

My dear friend Jane Ammon is a listener who takes photographs. As a hearing impaired person, Jane uses the skills she needs to be able to listen deeply as her tools to make art that speaks. She believes our now is always beautiful. She lives in Eastern Pennsylvania with her husband, Erik, their two incredible kids, Conner and Madeline, and their super awesome cat, Kona.

Jane & I discuss her journey as a photographer, from focusing on sharing the joys of childish delight to helping moms embrace their creativity. She believes that children can teach us to hold on to that child-like spirit and that it will make us better people.

She has made 3 trips to Haiti over the past several years to help the people working there.

Jane pointed out that, “As an entrepreneur, the focus at the beginning of our business and what we are selling is who we are, and if we’re not putting ourselves first sometimes, then is it really what people want to buy? What people want to be a part of if we’re not living what we’re preaching, to be honest?”

This is at the core of her #ChooseYou mission. You have to put yourself FIRST.

Jane & I discussed redefining your success and how for some people? It isn’t a matter of money but instead a choice of the life that you want to have. It doesn’t have to be the traditional 9-5 hours if that doesn’t fit you.

She shared with me her tips for keeping her kids off of the computer in the summertime, along with activities that her family does in the school year to promote togetherness. We also discussed tips that we can use, as adults, to make sure we get in more creativity and less time online as well!

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Jane attributes her success as an entrepreneur to taking that time out of her day to be creative. After getting requests from a number of women for help in finding their own creativity, she has created a journaling course to help you unleash yours. You can learn more about the course she mentions in the show – and get 15% off!HERE.

You can find Jane’s website at

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