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The Life Boss Podcast Episode 2 – Susan Schenk

Susan Schenk is an author, speaker, and entrepreneur. Her book Beyond OK: From Invisible to Invincible offers an insiders look into learning differently. She is passionate about helping kids and big people tap into their way of learning. She wants to change the stigma that comes with learning differently and is willing to take the stage to do this! She is also an Occupational Therapist and uses her business Technology & Tools for kids to tap into the power of technology to help kids at school.

In this episode, Susan shares with me her own vulnerable story and the experience of being “ok” in school – and how she learned to be great by adapting to her way of learning. She never believed that university would be for her, yet her journey inspired her to go beyond and attend university and become an Occupational Therapist.

Not only does Susan help children, she also helps moms uncover how to best work with their children so that they can be successful on their own terms. She offers an Invincible Mama Course for moms to learn how to support their child’s learning.

Susan & I discuss tips to help you out as an entrepreneur with your business including deciding what is the best way to keep your calendar and your to do lists. The key takeaway from Susan on this topic is to “Watch the resistance that you have.” What can you learn from it?

How can you prevent procrastination from holding you back?

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You can find Susan’s book, Beyond Ok: From Invisible to Invincible on Amazon.

Her website is available at

She is on Social Media at:
Twitter: @SusanOTKids | Facebook | Instagram: @SusanOTKids | Pinterest: @SusanOTKids

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