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The Life Boss Podcast Episode 13 – Parijat Deshpande

Parijat Deshpande is the leading perinatal wellness expert who works with women who have high-risk pregnancies to have healthier pregnancies no matter what pregnancy complications they face. Combining her training in clinical psychology with her expertise in women’s wellness and her personal experience with a very high-risk pregnancy, Parijat empowers women to recognize how much control they do have over their pregnancy health and wellness during this scary time. She teaches them how to make simple but powerful strategies to manage their stress and anxiety to lower their risk of additional complications so they can have a healthier baby.

You may be thinking to yourself that you are not having a high-risk pregnancy right now, yet Parijat shares many helpful tips for all of us on how stress is impacting us – especially when we are dealing with physical issues.

Dealing with health issues can often leave you feeling helpless. Her tips can help all of us. Have you ever tried to run your business while being sick? It is a challenge!

The word SHOULD doesn’t help. It adds stress to an already difficult situation!

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