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The Life Boss Podcast Episode 0 – Christine Tremoulet

Introducing my new podcast, The Life Boss! *Cheers are heard around the world!*

This show was what I originally dreamed of creating over 18 months ago — conversations with other entrepreneurs and thought leaders about the intersection of life & business.

For most entrepreneurs, where your business ends and your life begins – or vice versa – is a blurred line. You find yourself doing yoga in the morning or working late at night. Living the Laptop Lifestyle and traveling around the world with your work, or feeling as though you never get out of your house and see your friends. No matter where you fall on this spectrum, my show guests can help you out.

With actionable advice that you can take and use right away in your life and your business, my goal is to help you make the most of both.

In this first episode I talk more about the mission of the show, the topics that will be coming up in the next episodes with my guests, and introduce myself and share a bit of my own story with you.

Thank you again for listening to the show, and if you have enjoyed it please make sure to subscribe in iTunes (or the podcast software of your choice) and leave a review to help others find the show! If you haven’t already, come join The Life Boss Community – no one has to do this alone. We would love to have you there! Visit for all the details!

By Christine

Business Coach for Local Businesses, founder of the InstaLocal System, and Best-Selling Author. Blogger since 2000, I named WordPress. (Yes. Really.) My Superpower: Helping Local Business owners like you use the power of story to magnetize clients and dominate your market. It is time to stop believing the lies of the Perfection Culture. I live in Houston, Texas when I'm not on a road trip adventure in my Mini Cooper.

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