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Ella, The Birthday Girl!

Ella's First Birthday

Earlier this week, I was invited by the fabulous Katie and Adam to come over and spend time hanging out with them for Ella’s first birthday. Just look at that cutie! How could I resist? I’ve actually wanted to get Ella in front of my lens since this past spring when I first met her – so there was no way I was passing the chance up!

She was happy and bubbly when I first arrived at her house – I always say that people are most comfortable being photographed in their favorite places. However, the light & I weren’t getting along there very well, so I suggested going out to the park. She went into serious Ella mode – but I promise she was all smiles before this!

Last Friday I got to finally meet Mary, also known as Ella’s Happy Buela. Mary & I have exchanged emails for months now, ever since she started listening to the Pointy Sticks podcast. We never got to meet up though until now – and I am so glad we got to meet! She was finishing up Ella’s new birthday dress that she made, and she brought it up to Twisted Yarns so she could ask questions about it. It was such a joy having her join us in the Friday knitting circle! And Ella’s dress was so cute! She wore the dress for part of her birthday, and we got photos of her in it too.

Finding Her Light

I hope to get to spend more time with Ella in the future – she has such a great spirit and joy!

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