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Do You Believe in Miracles?

Jenn sent me a link the other day that I finally got to read today about Kyle David Miller, a 3 year old who was riding in a booster seat in a car and the seatbelt failed during a major crash. He was thrown from the car and died due to the crash. I strongly encourage every parent with a toddler to consider a safe 5 point harness car seat – full car seat, rated for a child up to 80 pounds – over a booster seat after what I read today.

Minutes after I read that site, I visited Mercedes Xanga site to leave her a comment to let her know the slideshow was online. When I went to leave my comment, I saw other comments about her accident. Accident? I had a strange sinking feeling and called her right away. I got her voicemail and left her a message that probably sounded a bit odd, but I was very concerned.

Tonight, her friend Becky sent me the link to Mercedes’ mom’s blog post with the photos of her car after the accident. It is truly, truly a miracle that she is alive. More than that, alive and without major injuries or broken bones. Just looking at those car photos made me cry. I mean … whoa. It really is a miracle.

I said earlier that Mercedes & Tim impressed me with their strong faith. I believe it will carry them through this difficult time. Please keep them in your thoughts & prayers! No matter what your faith is, I know all the positive, healing thoughts we can send her way will help her!

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