Congratulations, Brandi & Donald! Wedding in Port Arthur, Texas

With This Ring

Congratulations to Brandi & Donald! They were married yesterday in a beautiful ceremony in Port Arthur, Texas and had a fantastic reception afterwards in Beaumont, Texas.

(I’ll be adding more photos and details later today – but I just wanted to share this one right away in case they got to check in before heading off on their honeymoon!)

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  • The photo is beautiful. We will talk to you soon! You and Elaine are ninjas…lol!

  • Awesome wedding, beautiful couple and beautiful pictures. I am very proud of you son and I can’t wait to spoil my new daugther.

  • This picture is absolutely darling! I can’t wait to see the rest (and my chicken wing picture too!) LOL!

  • That was a beautiful wedding and a fabulous reception. Yall are so cute together good luck on everything. Love Ya Marion