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Change Your Attitude, Change Your Business

I have had this conversation more times than I can count recently. It takes place in a number of different forms, but at the core it is always the same.

There is a huge change that you want to have happen in your life.

However, you are not willing to change anything yourself in order to make it happen.

Then you’re annoyed and frustrated because things didn’t work out for you.

Changes? They don’t just happen magically.

That may seem really obvious, but if you stop and think about it? How many times have you expected magic changes to take place in your life? In your business? In how things work?

Change Your Business: Take Advantage of the Power of Storytelling on Your Blog. New post from Christine Tremoulet.

I first woke up to this fact when I realized that approaching dieting from a place of punishment was never going to be successful for me. It isn’t something I just do for a month or two and then I get to return to my former way of eating.

(Logical, right? Yet it took me like 20 years to figure it out.)

If You Want Blogging to Help Your Business, You Have to Write

As I work with my coaching clients, when blogging to help grow their business comes up, I get a push back that is similar to my old attitude about dieting.

“I tried it. It never worked for me, so why even bother?!”

Then we dig in. What did they think about blogging? How did they approach it? Was it about sharing their stories, their thoughts? Their feelings about why they were in the business they were in, or even about their every day life?

No. For most people, it was just about talking about their services.

“I did my job for my client, and here are the results.”

“I now offer these services, here is why you should hire me.”

“I am launching a new product / course / class / coaching program, you really need it for these reasons.”

Take Advantage Storytelling on your Business Blog

Think of the blog posts that you enjoy reading. Are they dry and boring? Not likely. Seriously, no one wants to read that crap.

Turn it around. Change it.

Blogging isn’t a punishment. It is an opportunity! You started your business because you LOVE what you do, right? Blogging is the chance to share your stories with people that are interested in YOU and why you do it!

Since the beginning of the human race, we have used the power of stories. Stories are how we share the knowledge that we have with other people.

Use your blog to GIVE those stories to your readers. Give them what they need to say to pass their knowledge about you along to others.

You could bury your stories in your social media posts on a daily basis – or you can put them on your blog. Do you know which one is better for your business in the long run? Your BLOG. Twitter flies too fast. Facebook actually hides posts if they do not receive enough engagement, even from you! (Try it. I posted things within the past month or two that are not showing up on my Facebook page anymore.) Instagram is pretty, but most people will not scroll beyond the first 6 or 7 rows of photos.

Blogging is the SEO darling. I receive traffic on blog posts I wrote 5 years ago. More than that, if someone is really interested in working with me? They will dig. They will go through archives, suggested posts, categories and tags. They will bounce around my site. They will read, and read.

When I first talk to my clients? They often tell me about posts that they read on my site. They tell me my OWN STORIES. Often they add in how they found me because a friend told them about me. Sometimes a past client, but not always. I’ve also been told how a friend sent them a link, knowing that I would be a perfect fit for them.

It is OK to be Vulnerable

It is ok to be vulnerable. I know, it is scary. In the end? People work with people that they like.

If it comes down to you and two others offering the same products, and all three of you priced in about the same price range? What makes you stand out is what will matter the most at that point. You, and the personal stories you have shared. The things that make you unique. That is why blogging helps you dominate your market.

Be authentically you on your blog. Throw in some personality. Include your stories for the world to read, in the space that YOU control. No longer at the whim of Facebook algorithm changes, or the speed of Twitter and Instagram.

Your blog. All you. Change how you view it, and it will change everything for you.

You’ve got this. I know you can do it – I am here cheering you on!

Have Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

Leave a comment with any questions you might have on blogging for your business. I want to help you with this. All you have to do is ask.

The photograph is this post is from my the most amazing sunset that I experience last week at the Grand Canyon. More on that soon.

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