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What if Your Boss Made You Talk About Your Business?

What if Your Boss Made You Talk About Your Business? Sales tips for photographers & creatives -

Imagine you had to go get a corporate job tomorrow, working for a major company. (Did anyone else just feel the chill in here, or is it just me?) Payday rolls around, and your boss tells you that you can’t have your paycheck until you go and tell TEN PEOPLE about the company. What your…

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Why Personal Storytelling is Critical On Your Business Blog

Why Personal Storytelling is Critical on your Business Blog

People buy from people that they like. More importantly, people buy from people that they CONNECT with. That connection occurs when you are vulnerable and share your personal experiences with your clients. Are you giving me something to connect with you over? Are you sharing personal posts on your blog? A view of your day-to-day…

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The Big Secret to My Successful Photography Business

Christine Tremoulet's big secret to her successful photography business - be sure to read it!

So let me tell you a little story which leads to me discovering the big secret to my successful photography business. I live in Houston, Texas, which is the 4th largest city in the United States. Back in 2008, When my photography business was still focused on weddings (with some boudoir), I asked another wedding…

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Marketing with Marketog!

I am SO EXCITED to share that registration is open once again for Jamie Swanson’s Marketog course! I signed up for the first round of this course and so far I have LOVED it! It is a six week course, but the information included in it is so extensive, I’ve taken longer than six weeks…

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