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Do You Allow People to Pay You?

Being in business can be hard when you’re a solo entrepreneur. I get it. There are all these personal feelings of self-worth mixed in with trying to run a business – and we aren’t talking about it. (We are all running around trying really hard to look like we have it all together.) When a…Continue readingDo You Allow People to Pay You?

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Stop Causing Your Clients Confusion

I wrote a post previously sharing tips for photographers on how to let your clients know that you don’t Photoshop their images extensively. Wait, I mean edit their images extensively; “Photoshop” isn’t a verb. It also isn’t a term every client out there knows what it means. That’s the problem though, right? Because it is…Continue readingStop Causing Your Clients Confusion

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The Importance of Using Your Name as Your Brand

The importance of using your name as your brand name for your business is a topic that comes up often. Choosing a name for your business – it sounds so easy, but sometimes it seems very, very hard. The age old debate seems to be should you use your name, or should you go with…Continue readingThe Importance of Using Your Name as Your Brand