Heart Disease and Telling Oprah Goodbye

Heart Disease and Telling Oprah Goodbye - my journey with chronic illness and how it changed my perspective. #heartdisease #chronicillness

It is interesting now to look back on October 2015. Those last days before my life would change in ways I could not even imagine. Attending the Emerging Women Conference in San Francisco, I was on a crazy whirlwind trip. I had already been to Calgary, a day in Edmonton, a trip over to Kelowna,…

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Is Finding Your Own Way to Success a Struggle for You?

Finding Your Own Way to Success / Sunset on Half Dome

I was reading an article today in Pen World Magazine, “From Cyberspace to the Real World” (April 2015 issue). It is about a blog, The Pen Addict, and how it gave birth to a business and has inspired a new generation of pen lovers — including me. In the article, there is a paragraph describing…

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Be Quiet.

Be Quiet

Be quiet. Hush. Don’t be so loud. Blend in to the background, fade away. Make yourself small. Not just physically small – after all, you really are too large – but emotionally small. Be seen and not heard. (Make sure you are pretty enough for us to look at.) Keep your voice down. Don’t stand…

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The Life Boss Podcast Episode 10 – Sundae Bean

Sundae Schneider-Bean is a leading authority on how to make the most of life abroad – no matter where you are. She is an expat, intercultural specialist and certified coach that works with organizations, expat and their partners to thrive abroad. She is the founder of Trailblazing Spouse®. I asked Sundae to join me for…

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The Life Boss Podcast Episode 8 – Sarah Ramsden

The Life Boss Podcast - Sarah Ramsden

Sarah Ramsden is the leading Personal Coach helping people who’ve recovered from major health issues, make the most of their second chance in life. As good as it is to feel better, life doesn’t always go back to the way it used to be, because major health issues change more than medical records, they change…

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