30 Days to Awesomize Your Blog

Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar!

Before we get in to talking about the editorial calendar, there is one more very important thing we need to think about. Creating your Ideal Client Avatar! This is a great exercise for your business as a whole, not just for your blog. What can you tell me about who you are talking to with…

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Why You Need an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog

Why You Need an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog - part of the Blogging Brilliantly Series with Christine Tremoulet - https://christinetremoulet.com

I’ve been talking about creating an editorial calendar for your blog, and I’ve realized that for some people that may just make your eyes gloss over because you aren’t sure what I’m talking about. We should back up a step and clear that up! In the magazine world, they have editorial calendars. You can look…

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Create a Call to Action!

Does your site have a call to action? 30 Days to Awesomize Your Blog!

Yay! Someone has found your website! A new reader, happy happy joy joy! They read your latest post, and maybe – if you’re lucky – they even left a comment. Great! Uhm… now what? What do you want them to do next? Does your site have a clear call to action? I’m not talking yellow…

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Look Outside Your Industry for Inspiration!

Look outside your industry for inspiration

When you’re building your website or your blog, do you just look at what other people in your industry are doing? What about when you’re writing your blog posts? Are they the same as what everyone else is writing and saying? I get it. When you first start to plan out your website, you look…

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