The Real Best Time of Day to Post

You’re spending all this time researching when is the best time of day to post online, when do you need to make your Instagram post so it gets the most eyes on it, how many times a week should you blog, all of it. Have you considered when is the best time of day for…

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Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar!

Before we get in to talking about the editorial calendar, there is one more very important thing we need to think about. Creating your Ideal Client Avatar! This is a great exercise for your business as a whole, not just for your blog. What can you tell me about who you are talking to with…

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The Life Boss Podcast Episode 9
Jennifer Crego

Jennifer Crego is a web strategist & the owner of Type B Studio, where they help businesses elevate their online presence to get noticed and get hired. She successfully teaches entrepreneurs how to profit from simple online marketing strategies. With the help of her team, she doesn’t just build websites. She builds businesses that get…

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Why Personal Storytelling is Critical On Your Business Blog

Why Personal Storytelling is Critical on your Business Blog

People buy from people that they like. More importantly, people buy from people that they CONNECT with. That connection occurs when you are vulnerable and share your personal experiences with your clients. Are you giving me something to connect with you over? Are you sharing personal posts on your blog? A view of your day-to-day…

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