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Business, Brilliantly Episode 7 – Weekend Edition with Kimra Luna

Our guest for this week’s Weekend Edition is Kimra Luna. Kimra & I first met last year thanks to Marie Forleo’s B-School program, and it was obviously from the start that we both share a passion for social media, marketing, and working with others on their online strategy.

While Kimra seemed to come out of nowhere last year, the reality is that is not the case. It took a lot of hard work and hustle for her to get from where she was – literally on welfare – to where she is today, running her Freedom Hackers Mastermind Group (with over 15,000 members), her Be True Brand You course, Periscoping, and so much more!

She shares with me a bit about her personal story, her rapid business growth, and why it took 9 years to get there. We also discussed the giving economy – the concept of giving all that you can to create an engaged following and client base, the power of social media, and so much more.

We recorded the episode through Google Hangouts, so that you can choose if you prefer to watch the video on YouTube or listen to the podcast – either way, you are sure to enjoy it and learn some tips for your business and building your presence online along the way!

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Business Brilliantly Podcast with Christine Tremoulet & Kimra Luna

The Business Brilliantly Podcast – Weekend Edition with Guest Kimra Luna

By Christine

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Thank you so much Kimra for honing your narrative and admitting that it took you 9 years to build up this amount. There are too many “coaches” out there who are all about charging high figures to learn how to make high figures like they do, and many of them 1) do not actually earn that amount, 2) are omitting that it did NOT happen overnight and 3) leave out that some or even most of those funds come from their partner’s businesses/incomes. Respect that you are starting to add more integrity into your narrative so it is not so misleading.

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