Business, Brilliantly Episode 5 – Weekend Edition with Jessi Sanfilippo

Business Brilliantly Episode 5 - Weekend Edition with Jessi Sanfilippo

I am so glad that the award winning, hysterically funny, and more brilliant than you even know Jessi Sanfilippo agreed to join me on this week’s show! (Her Iris award was in front of her. Next to her rubber chicken. She showed them both to me after we finished recording.)

It seemed only fitting that the first LIVE interview be recorded with someone as comfortable in front of the camera as Jessi! If you’re not familiar with her YouTube channel Shuggilippo, well, you should check that out after you listen to today’s episode!

We discuss the ins & outs of using YouTube both for your business and personally. Plus, Canada. And dancing. Full show notes are below the podcast player.

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And the official “final cut” podcast episode! Oh, who am I kidding? I am a “one & done” sort of creator. The podcast version just has the fancy music and is optimized for your easy mobile listening. So it is almost the same … only different. How cool is that? Now you have choices!

Important Links

Jessi’s YouTube Channel: Shuggilippo. (Like “Hug a Hippo” but far more dangerous.) You can also find her at The Shug Life.

VidCon – the paramount YouTube video space conference.

Canon Rebel T6s
Canon PowerShot ELPH 350 HS
Samsung NX300
Rode SmartLav+ (I use this for Periscope!)
Editing Software: iMovie – Mac or iOS, Moviemaker, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro (for Mac)
Carbon-based Voice-activated Tripods are not available in stores.

Words of Wisdom from Jessi

None of it is a secret. You & I can both have the same knowledge, the same equipment, the same technical know-how, but you’re you and I’m me. So there are going to be pools of human beings that are going to be more interested in how YOU execute things with all the same tools available to you.

“Will you give me the farm?” SURE! But you’ve got to be the one feeding the chickens, milking the cows & stuff! You can have the farm, but you’ve got to keep it up!

YouTube is like HuluPlus and Netflix. Treat your channel like network television; deliver the content expected on time.

I think it is so important and I’m so insistent that when you start anything – a blog, a YouTube channel, or any kind of digital media experience – that you do it with the mindset of building a community. I don’t want 9 million robots coming to my content; I want 9 million humans, who are living, breathing, dynamic human beings, to be experiencing this. I want them to not be fans, I want them to be friends. I’m creating the Cheers bar on the internet.

The Things We Talked About

– Periscope & YouTube; Periscope videos on YouTube
– Ways to appeal to different communities
– Creating content 3 times a week. HOW???
– Use Content Series! Jessi shares about her three series and how they came to be, including her secret to making everyone feel like they are a part of it!
– How frequently should I post & how long should my videos be?
– Don’t focus on runtime – focus on maintaining captivation for your audience
– Outsource – and don’t be disrespectful about it
– What do you do when you’re not inspired to create content?
– Building community
– The Shuggilippo experience – creating a complete experience for your brand
– Don’t be too hard on yourself – we are human
– Ways to earn money through video content
– You don’t actually have to do it for money! You don’t have to monetize it
– Have FUN doing it – you don’t have to be funny, but you do need to enjoy it
– There is vulnerability in first-person content creation
– Learn to ignore the vocal minority

PS – I have a NEW CAMERA!!! Thanks to how grainy I looked in this video, I had to go shopping. Thanks to Jessi for the tip, I bought the Logitech c920. Matter of fact, if you watched this week’s Tips in 10ish on overcoming blog shame, you have seen it already. So much clearer! I love it!

PS PS – That is an affiliate link to the Logitech c920. I wasn’t paid anything to say I love it, and I paid full price for it when I bought it. Just so we’re clear.

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