Business, Brilliantly Episode 3 – Weekend Edition with C.C. Chapman

Weekend Edition Business, Brilliantly Podcast with C.C. Chapman -

When I was first planning out my podcast, I made a list of people that I wanted to have as guests on the show – and today’s guest, C.C. Chapman was at the top of the list. Storyteller, author, podcaster, marketing expert, speaker, photographer, champion of social good … the list of things that C.C. is known for is long. He is a truly a Renaissance man, and such an inspiration.

We talk about the “new” medium of podcasting – which we both started doing in the early days of the medium in 2004 – 2005. C.C. was the person that helped me figure it all out when I had my first podcast on knitting back then. We met even earlier thanks to blogging — he is truly internet Old School.

We also discuss dealing with the hard parts of being an entrepreneur, and how to keep yourself motivated to keep going.

Towards the end of this episode we discuss a poem he wrote recently, which you can find here: We Must Do More.

Interested in connecting with C.C.? Here are some important links, some of which are also mentioned in this episode:
Content Rules, co-authored with Ann Handley
Amazing Things Will Happen: A Real-World Guide on Achieving Success and Happiness
Accident Hash Podcast: #275
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Never Enough Days – a conscience-based consultancy specializing in social good, cause marketing and corporate social responsibility founded by C.C.

You can also find C.C. on Instagram and Twitter.

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