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Brooke & Nathan’s Wedding – Christ Church Cathedral, Houston Texas

I’m going through our archives and posting more weddings that we did not put on the blog last year. It is so much fun to look through the weddings! Lots more to come over the next few weeks from different shoots that we didn’t post here before!

Brooke & Nathan were married last fall at the amazing & gorgeous Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Houston, Texas. Elaine was still out due to her scooter accident, so Marc Brubaker joined me for the day. It was beautiful! We could not have asked for a nicer day!

Marc spent the time before the wedding with Nathan as he got ready, and captured some great images! Seems the guys found some light reading to keep themselves entertained.

Meanwhile, I started out with Brooke & her bridesmaids at the Magnolia Hotel across the street from Christ Church, and then we moved on to the church for her to get dressed and finish getting ready. She had one of the most beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen – it was so perfectly Brooke! Her flowers were stunning, and everyone just looked so wonderful!

I have to say, Christ Church Cathedral is one of the most stunning & gorgeous churches in all of Houston! However, as a wedding is sacred event and should be respected as such, they ask all guests to put away their cameras and take absolutely no photos during the ceremony. They also only allow professional photographers to take 2-3 images during the ceremony. The church coordinators tell the photographer exactly where they can photograph from, and even sit with the photographer to make sure that is all they take. Talk about pressure to get THE shot! I spent minutes before the kiss making sure I had every single setting set up and ready for the tricky lighting, I had the shot framed, I was ready – and I love the result!

Love this shot that Marc got of the flowergirl getting a lipgloss touch-up. The little girls were so cute!

Brooke & Nathan reserved the Rev Eco-Shuttles to help move people from the wedding at Christ Church Cathedral to the reception at the Plaza Club at One Shell on the other side of downtown Houston. Such a cool idea!

Thank you again to Brooke & Nathan for letting us be a part of your wonderful wedding day! Be sure to check out the photographs from theirwedding reception!

All the details!
Brooke’s Dress – Tomasina, purchased at Saks Fifth Avenue (right before they closed the bridal shop!)
Shoes: Brucette’s on San Felipe and Post Oak
Bridesmaid Dresses – Ventura’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Clutch: IMH Designs
Nathan’s Tuxedo: Men’s Wearhouse
Hair Stylist: Isabel Maples at Figaro Salon & Spa
Makeup: Kristi Darnold – (281) 224-9696
Church: Christ Church Cathedral
Getting Ready & Wedding Night Hotel: Magnolia Hotel
Reception Venue, Catering & Desserts: The Downtown Club at the Plaza Club – One Shell (Brooke added, “Jason Bailey, the coordinator there is the BEST in the business. Love him!”)
Reception Centerpieces: Jerry Mason Flowers, (713) 528-6466. (From Brooke, “He did such a great job on the flowers and the price was extremely reasonable.”)
Cake: Cakes by Gina
Invitations & Paper Goods: Endearing Letters by Megan Fath; Megan formatted the menus and place cards as well and Brooke printed them herself at home on cardstock. Brooke designed the Candy Bar cards.
Guestbook: Christine Tremoulet Photography
Candy Bar: Glass containers from Tuesday Morning, Baci candy from Phonecia, M&M’s sorted by Brooke from Halloween candy, Hershey’s kisses also Halloween candy, Chocolate Mints from HEB bulk candy section.
Transportation: REV Shuttle (Eco-Friendly!)

By Christine

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Wow, Christine, that Church is incredible, and you’ve captured some stunning images of the wedding ceremony! The flowergirl is adorable and I love Brooke’s elegant dress.

Christine, awesome job on this wedding. Glad you got some pictures at the Church, it is very difficult with the restrictions at that particular one. Love the ring shot and the shot at the door, very well done.

I was going to say the ones in the Cathedral were amazing- now even more so knowing you only had three shots!

The shot where B & N are framed by the cathedral doors is my favorite…really stunning work!

You did such a great job, truly beautiful photographs! I’m so sorry there were so many restrictions at the church, I had no idea they had someone sitting with you the whole time! Despite that, the alter and church pictures are incredible. Thanks and I can’t wait to see part 2!

I get why they sit with the photographer though – I’m sure they have had many people that break the rules otherwise. Since we were nice about it and agreed that it was important to be respectful of the sacrament, she actually gave me permission to take a few more photos than the 2 she had originally told me I could take. The people at the church were really delightful to work with! Bonus? We had really comfy chairs at the end of the aisle with a great view!

Considering some of the horror stories I’ve heard about photographers acting like it is all a photo op for them, I can see the need for rules to be in place. Sad, but true!

These are beautiful photos. The bride looks gorgeous as does the wedding party and the church. These photos really capture such a beautiful day so well.

These photos are GORGEOUS! I’ve actually been a bridesmaid at that same church, so I especially enjoyed the walk down memory lane these pictures provided. Congratulations, Brooke & Nathan!!

These are wonderful photos, technically and in content. The ones from inside the church are particularly lovely, especially given the constraints. Nice work!

Gorgeous pictures, I especially love the one of the flower girl getting her lipstick touched up! So cute.

Being able to only take a few pictures in the church you did an absolutely amazing job! The pictures look fantastic!

What unbelievably gorgeous pictures. Wow. Transfixing.

Looks like a really beautiful wedding.

Oh my gosh, you got a picture of that book that was in the church sacristy – The Big Book of Hell. How funny is that?

Beautiful photos, Christine! This was exactly how I remembered Nate and Brooke’s wedding.

This wedding was such a delight to photograph! Thanks for inviting me to be a part of it! It looks phenomenal! [although, I expect no less from you at this point ;)]

I must say – Shooting a wedding of a couple that is not in their early twenties is always such a pleasure for me. Nothing against “young love” . . . But young people in young love is just not the same as mature people in mature love. Awesome job!! Thanks for sharing!

these are GREAT photos. wish i would have seen these before my own wedding becasue these are way better than mine. and what a church. will keep this photographer’s name to give to my friends…she travels I see! great idea.

I love these pictures! Christine and Marc, you did a fabulous job of capturing the beauty and essence of Christ Church. the low lighting makes it hard to get it right, but when you do, all I can say is “Wow!” It was a wonderful ceremony and this brings back these great memories to me.

Wow, I love these photos! I think think the bride’s dress is the most beautiful I have ever seen!! AMAZING!

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