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Bridal Photography in New Orleans, Louisiana

Lynette Down by the River

When we went to New Orleans last month, my friend Laura brought a wedding dress with her for us to use for a photo shoot. As luck would have it, it was a perfect fit for Lynette, a Dallas wedding photographer, and she agreed to pose for us. We went out on the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans, armed with video lights, flashes, and the ambient light to get some great shots!

I should just admit it. I don’t like to take photos in large groups. 10+ cameras pointing at one person doesn’t really lead to very creative photography. You can’t control the shoot. You can’t tell the model how to pose unless you decide to take charge and ask them to pose a certain way – which is a bit hard to do when you’re there with a lot of friends. You don’t want to be bossy. You just want to take pretty photos.

Bridal Session in New Orleans LA Lynette's Bridal Session in New Orleans

I don’t normally post photos from shoots like this because I don’t have creative control over the session, and they aren’t a paying client. But Lynette was so much fun to work with, and she was willing to pose for us – so really, it is the least I could do to share them with you! And I did take charge for some of these shots, as you can see when she is looking right at me!

Thanks again Lynette for being such a great sport! And thank you to Laura as well for letting us use the dress!

Lynette in the side alley Lynette with the video light

People watching us

Of course, if you have 10-20 photographers crammed in a small alley between buildings, shining video lights on a woman in a wedding dress, you are bound to have some people stopping when they pass by to check out what is going on!

Lynette down by the water in New Orleans Lynette in the French Quarter New Orleans Bridal Session

Lynette in front of the St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans LA Bridal Session in front of the St Louis Cathedral in New Orleans LA

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A&A and Eve – THANK YOU!!!

Sarah – We were using video lights, and some of the ones down by the river were lit with the lights right there. No umbrellas, and no off camera flash on any of mine.

I love these so much! The bokeh lights, the purple and blues, and of course the model is just beautiful. I was thinking about the NOLA meet today and wishing again that I was there…maybe next year!

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