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Brandi & Donald – Engagement Photography, Houston, Texas


I met up with Brandi & Donald in the Houston Heights area on 19th Street in early December. Their engagement photography session was the first one I did after my surgery, and they were so awesome in being patient with my low energy level. I absolutely loved spending time with the two of them! It is so obvious when you’re around them how much they love each other and how happy they make each other! I mean, just look at those smiles!

It was one of those Chamber of Commerce days here, not too hot or too cold, beautiful blue sky – just all around perfect! I’m so glad we were able to spend time hanging out and having fun on our photo hunt, and I love all of our photos from the day! I can’t wait for their wedding this June!

The Heights of Love Ring Bling

Ring Bling Bling!

Album Cover Shot

So we’re walking down 19th Street in the Heights. We spot these old trucks, behind a fence that is unlocked. Donald commented that he liked the trucks, and with that – I knew we had to get some shots with them!

I showed him this on the preview screen, and we joked that if he had an album, this would be the cover shot.


Love Reflected

Caught Off Guard

Behind the Building


He was whispering silly secrets in her ear to make her laugh, and then went in for the kiss!

Brandi & Donald

Even though we were in a commercial area in the Heights, we still found a bit of nature for some shots.


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I love the shots of this couple! The colors are just right, the weather perfect, and like the previous commenter mentioned, very creative.

P.S. I tried the tip you mentioned to me regarding indoor lighting and particular f/stop and shutter speed settings. They work! Thanks!

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