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Building a website never really stops – there is always something to do – but it is finally official, Boudoir Mon Cheri is now live! I’ve also added a “Boudoir” option in the navigation bar up above.

I decided to split up the two sites for a few different reasons. I realize that people sometimes visit this site from work – on their lunch hour, of course! But you wouldn’t want to be surprised by boudoir photos when you come here. I want to give people fair warning before they visit the site. Also, this site is very wedding focused, and most of my boudoir clients do want sessions to create photographs to give to their groom on their wedding day. But it isn’t just about bridal boudoir – boudoir portraits make a fantastic gift for an anniversary or birthday, too! And most importantly, a boudoir session is a very empowering experience for you! Who says you have to do it as a gift for anyone? Why not just do it to have photographs of yourself looking fabulous?!

Just a reminder, the boudoir pre-launch special is going on for just a few more days! The session fee is waived on all sessions booked by June 30, 2008! Just contact me using the form on the contact page, and we’ll get your session all set up! More details can be found HERE! (Uhm, Boudoir Mon Cheri was going to go pink. Instead, it went red. I couldn’t resist that brocade, and I love a deep, rich red!)

I’m still testing out logos over there, so if you keep seeing different ones, don’t be surprised. The official logo by the designer will be done in about a week or so.

Of course, I had to celebrate the changes over there with a new background and some color tweaks over here too!

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