My Superpower: Helping Moms Grow Their Confidence by Rediscovering Their Beauty!

For many years, Boudoir and contemporary beauty photography was my passion while weddings were my love. So weddings lived here, and my boudoir work lived at on Hot Mama Boudoir. But after four years and working with over 100 women, as I witnessed the amazing change that happens when women do a session with me, I decided it was time to merge everything together under my name. After all, it is me that you’re working with!

For me, boudoir photography is all about celebrating the beauty of EVERY woman. That is my goal with every photograph I take.

I don’t have the perfect figure.
I could go on and on about how I think the media has tainted our vision of the perfect figure, but instead I’ll just say – who does, really? And who defines perfect? You have the perfect figure – you just don’t know it yet! We’ll take photos from a variety of angles, focusing on all of your favorite parts. I want you to see just how beautiful you are!

I’m a Mom!
Me too! Since when does being a mom mean that you’re not incredibly beautiful? It is all about the posing. We’ll work angles and poses that will show off how beautiful you are and minimize those things you don’t like so much. I get it – it will be our little secret, ok?

I’m concerned about being a little bit too exposed.
Before your session, I will want to discuss your limits and what you are comfortable with. We may want to do photographs where you are only “hinting” at being exposes – an open shirt, for example. There are these great products out there called breast petals, and they look like little flowers and cover you so you don’t have to worry about any accidental exposure, a la Elaine in Seinfeld and the holiday card incident.

I’ve photographed clients that are fully dressed in lingerie, topless, completely nude but covered with a sheet, or just completely nude. It is up to you how comfortable you are and what you want to show off. I will never ask you to go any further than that.

Speaking of being exposed, I don’t want my photos to be visible to the public online.
It is likely that I will find images that I love and want to show off, but I will only ever post photos on my blog or in my portfolio with your permission, clearing each and every photograph I share. Your session gallery will be online, but will be password protected so that only you have access to it.

Some sessions never get posted online out of respect for my client’s privacy. (You can read more about my Privacy Policy.)

If you haven’t already, be sure to read more about My Story, what I Believe, and all about Your Session. There is also a page full of details on Questions & Answers.

Thank you in advance for checking my beauty & boudoir work out!