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Germany Update!

This is a speeeeeeedy update – it cost 2 Euros (about $3) for 15 minutes of internet time. Just long enough to write a FAST post, post photos, and run! Koln (Cologne), Germany: Bacharach, Germany (Rhine river valley), where we are staying for 2 nights in the castle overlooking the town: Burg Eltz (near Mosel…

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Greetings from Amsterdam!

Jason & I arrived yesterday morning at about 8am (local time) in Amsterdam. After finding the hotel & getting a short nap, we went out and walked around the city. So fabulous to see so many people walking, and so many bikes. I always knew that there were a lot of bikes here, but had…

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Clear Up the Fog

There are so many wedding photographers out there, and we all do things a little bit differently. Deciding which wedding photographer you want to hire is a big decision – they are going to be responsible for capturing the key moments of your wedding day, and depending on their style, all the little moments inbetween.…

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BarStool Magazine, July 2007

In Houston? Pick up a copy of the July issue of BarStool magazine and you’ll see my photographs in it! I photographed the bartender for the Bartender of the Month feature, and then did a separate shoot at Leon’s Lounge on McGowen in Midtown. It was such an incredible rush to see my photographs in…

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Sunrise, Sunset

I always tell clients that the best light – the golden glow – is about an hour or so before sunset. Shooting at that time of day can be just amazing! (I’ve heard similar things about sunrise, but I’m not often upo that early so I can’t really speak about that time of day! Haha!)…

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Weddings in Houston Magazine!

Back in mid-May, I made the decision to advertise in the latest issue of Weddings in Houston magazine. At the time, all of the wedding and portrait goodness was over at Fresh Photography site. Well, ok, it is still over there in a way – but it is permanently going to be over here! Matter…

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The New Blog!

Whoo hoo! With this, is live! Sweet! The blog here will have a nicer “look & feel” within the near future to coordinate with the site, but I’m just so excited that it is LIVE! Stay tuned! (And don’t forget to snag the RSS feed so you’re always in on the latest news!)

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