Good News | Bad News

Hi Everyone! Good news! My hosting company has finally figured out what the problem was that was causing me to not be able to send emails for over a day or two. (I hope it is fixed, because no email sending really stresses me out.) I was able to receive email, just not send. The

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Wholly Matrimony!

I haven’t been over here the past few days because I’ve been over there. Where? Wholly Matrimony! Wholly Matrimony was started in 1998 by Robyn. As her life changed, the site lived a quiet existence. Her two sons, who are less than two years apart in age, took up all of her free time when

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Cleaning House

Revising things behind the scenes, and there have now been updates to the About and the Frequently Asked Questions pages, and the addition of an Investment and a Behind the Price page. Hopefully all of these will provide you with a wealth of information and help you decide if I am the best fit for

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