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Be Quiet

Be Quiet.

Be quiet. Hush. Don’t be so loud. Blend in to the background, fade away. Make yourself small. Not just physically small – after all, you really are too large – but emotionally small. Be seen and not heard. (Make sure you are pretty enough for us to look at.) Keep your voice down. Don’t stand…

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Black Friday Sales – Savings for Photographers!

It is that time of year again! Black Friday – my favorite! This year, I’m all about shopping ONLINE and avoiding all the crowds in the stores, and getting great deals on things we need for our business! How it all works: Be sure to pay attention to the dates that sales are available. I’ll…

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Wedding Professional Association - a Love Letter

My Love Letter for You. I See You.

You have probably heard me talk about how I started blogging 16 years ago. What I don’t talk about very often is why I started blogging back then. I felt like I was invisible. I had so much to say, so much to share with the world, and it was all locked up inside of…

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Are you focusing on the wrong numbers in your business?

Stop Focusing on the Wrong Numbers to Grow Your Business

It is time that you stop focusing on the wrong numbers. It is time that you stop letting others define YOUR success. It is time to stop playing the numbers game. No, you do not need 10,000 Instagram followers. You do not need 5,000 blog visitors a day. Being on Page 1 of Google isn’t…

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What if Your Boss Made You Talk About Your Business? Sales tips for photographers & creatives -

What if Your Boss Made You Talk About Your Business?

Imagine you had to go get a corporate job tomorrow, working for a major company. (Did anyone else just feel the chill in here, or is it just me?) Payday rolls around, and your boss tells you that you can’t have your paycheck until you go and tell TEN PEOPLE about the company. What your…

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The Life Boss Podcast Episode 13
Parijat Deshpande

Parijat Deshpande is the leading perinatal wellness expert who works with women who have high-risk pregnancies to have healthier pregnancies no matter what pregnancy complications they face. Combining her training in clinical psychology with her expertise in women’s wellness and her personal experience with a very high-risk pregnancy, Parijat empowers women to recognize how much…

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Kendrick Shope - The Life Boss Podcast

The Life Boss Podcast Episode 12
Kendrick Shope

Kendrick Shope is the creator of Authentic Selling and Sales School, empowering women to make millions without sacrificing integrity. I first met Kendrick when I was lucky enough to win a seat to her Sales School course a few years ago. I’ll be honest here – I like to sell things. Sales has never been…

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The Life Boss - Episode 11, Chris Becker

The Life Boss Podcast Episode 11
Chris Becker

Chris Becker is a dad, a husband, a wedding photographer, a poker player, an #LCHF advocate (Low Carb, High Fat), a bacon connoisseur and a recovering Diet Dr. Pepper addict. It is my mission in life to help others become the best versions of themselves, while I continue to grow and evolve into the best…

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The Life Boss Podcast Episode 10
Sundae Bean

Sundae Schneider-Bean is a leading authority on how to make the most of life abroad – no matter where you are. She is an expat, intercultural specialist and certified coach that works with organizations, expat and their partners to thrive abroad. She is the founder of Trailblazing Spouse®. I asked Sundae to join me for…

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The Life Boss Podcast Episode 9
Jennifer Crego

Jennifer Crego is a web strategist & the owner of Type B Studio, where they help businesses elevate their online presence to get noticed and get hired. She successfully teaches entrepreneurs how to profit from simple online marketing strategies. With the help of her team, she doesn’t just build websites. She builds businesses that get…

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Christine Tremoulet

Christine Tremoulet

I'm a professional photographer and a story strategist. My Superpower? Helping you grow your confidence and build a profitable business that supports the life you want to live. It is time to be a Life Boss. You are Enough. I'd love to work with you! Click here to learn more.


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