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Episode 17
Queen Photographers with Latoya Dixon Smith

Latoya Dixon Smith is a wedding and lifestyle commercial photographer based in Greenville, SC. She has been widely featured in publications including The Huffington Post, Black Southern Belle, and Borrowed & Blue. Along with photographing crazy-in-love couples who are mindful in their journeys together, Latoya finds her passion in educating and leading The Queen Photographers…

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Tara Hacker on The Life Boss Show

Episode 16
Photographer’s Websites from a Client’s Perspective with Tara Hacker

I recently shared the Facebook Live below on my business page, and a few hours later my friend Tara called me. She said how much she loved the video, and then asked if she could be on my podcast episode to talk about the experience of visiting photographer’s websites as a client. Tara is not…

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Episode 15
Jennifer Priest

Jennifer & I discuss Instagram, Pinterest, and the strategy of using Social Media for your photography business. We dispel some of the myths around the people telling us that they know what Instagram is doing with their algorithm. (Hint: They don’t really know!) Understanding the strategy of social media will help you more than anything…

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Christine Tremoulet - The Life Boss Show Reboot!

Episode 14
The Reboot! I’m Back!

Welcome back to The Life Boss Show! In this episode, the start of “season 2” (but we’re just continuing on with the numbering to make it easier), I take a moment to share what has happened during the break between the last episode and the present. I tried something new – I recorded it as…

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Heart Disease and Telling Oprah Goodbye - my journey with chronic illness and how it changed my perspective. #heartdisease #chronicillness

Heart Disease and Telling Oprah Goodbye

It is interesting now to look back on October 2015. Those last days before my life would change in ways I could not even imagine. Attending the Emerging Women Conference in San Francisco, I was on a crazy whirlwind trip. I had already been to Calgary, a day in Edmonton, a trip over to Kelowna,…

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Do You Allow People to Pay You? Refocusing your sales strategy to book more clients -

Do You Allow People to Pay You?

Being in business can be hard when you’re a solo entrepreneur. I get it. There are all these personal feelings of self-worth mixed in with trying to run a business – and we aren’t talking about it. (We are all running around trying really hard to look like we have it all together.) When a…

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Stop Causing Your Clients Confusion - Marketing Tips from

Stop Causing Your Clients Confusion

I wrote a post previously sharing tips for photographers on how to let your clients know that you don’t Photoshop their images extensively. Wait, I mean edit their images extensively; “Photoshop” isn’t a verb. It also isn’t a term every client out there knows what it means. That’s the problem though, right? Because it is…

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The Real Best Time of Day to Post

You’re spending all this time researching when is the best time of day to post online, when do you need to make your Instagram post so it gets the most eyes on it, how many times a week should you blog, all of it. Have you considered when is the best time of day for…

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Finding Your Own Way to Success / Sunset on Half Dome

Is Finding Your Own Way to Success a Struggle for You?

I was reading an article today in Pen World Magazine, “From Cyberspace to the Real World” (April 2015 issue). It is about a blog, The Pen Addict, and how it gave birth to a business and has inspired a new generation of pen lovers — including me. In the article, there is a paragraph describing…

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Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar!

Before we get in to talking about the editorial calendar, there is one more very important thing we need to think about. Creating your Ideal Client Avatar! This is a great exercise for your business as a whole, not just for your blog. What can you tell me about who you are talking to with…

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Christine Tremoulet

Christine Tremoulet

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