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Biltmore Bride

Biltmore Bride

Mmmmm… we went to the Biltmore House on Tuesday for a photoshoot, and this was one of the last shots of the day that I took. Literally as we were on our way to the car; we just couldn’t resist that amazing light. I have tons more from the day, but this one just jumped out too much for me to not share it.

UPDATE: I won! I won! I entered this photo in the workshop contest — and I won the Grand Prize! An amazing, incredible White Glove First Edition book. They are just AMAZING albums, and I am so excited about my prize!

By Christine

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Whoa girlfriend! Did you rock it on this one or what?
Awesome about the Grand Prize too! Miss you, and wish I could have been there with you.

I will be thinking about you on the recovery table too. Good luck with the surgery.

Honestly…I love this image and everything, type, etc. about it.
Way to go!

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