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Bermuda Destination Wedding Photography – EricaLynn & Stephen (Part 3)

At last! At last! The moment had arrived for EricaLynn & Stephen’s destination wedding in Bermuda at the Fairmont Southampton! Kelly & I had checked out the property in advance, and had selected the perfect place for the reveal that EricaLynn & Stephen had chosen to do.

What is the reveal? We take the groom off to a photogenic location, have him face away from the path, and then the bride walks up to him and he turns around to see her for the first time! I know, some people worry that it takes all the magic away from seeing her walk down the aisle to him – but it really doesn’t. Instead it gives them a chance to have some private alone time, an opportunity for him to tell her how gorgeous she looks, for the nerves to settle down. I never pressure people in to doing it (my husband didn’t see me before our wedding), but I have to confess that I love it when they do.

Doing a reveal then meant that we had more time for portraits before the ceremony as well!

Since the wedding was in Bermuda, which is part of the United Kingdom, EricaLynn, Stephen, and their witnesses all signed the registry and the marriage certificate – just like Ann & Karl’s destination wedding in Bristol, England.

Click here to view part 1 (Bermuda & the Rehearsal Cocktail Reception), and click here to view part 2 (the beach and getting ready) of EricaLynn & Stephen’s Bermuda Destination Wedding photographs! I can’t wait to share more from the reception!

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