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Be a Fast Track Photographer in 2010!

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Just a reminder that the Houston Fast Track Photographer Group will be meeting this Thursday night! January 7, 2010 at 7pm at 1024 Studewood in the Heights. The group meets the first Thursday of every month. We’ll be meeting in conjunction with the Houston Pictage User Group (PUG) this month.

The meetings are open to all pro photographers in Houston, no matter what area you specialize in or where you are at in your business. We’re for each other, and want to help each other learn. Everyone – and I do mean everyone – has something to offer! We look forward to seeing YOU there!

Not in Houston? Wondering if there is a Fast Track Group near you? Be sure to check the schedule and find a group near you!

By Christine

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8 replies on “Be a Fast Track Photographer in 2010!”

First off, I LOVE your pictures.
But my main reason for commenting is; What would make someone a professional photographer? Like, when could you call yourself a pro?? I love taking pictures and I started a business. I keep my prices low because- well, your photography is gorgeous! Mine is, well, mediocre at most. At least in comparison. I’d love to come to a meeting, but I guess I am a little nervous that I wouldn’t meet a requirement.

This is the type of connection/friendly networking I was looking for in Houston. With so much to learn from probably anybody in the field, I wish I could join the group.

I’ve realized that in this business, the more you know the more you need to know…

Eager to befriend and learn from photographers in the area,

Juan Huerta

I have enjoyed viewing your photos and reading your blog. The images are great. I am a photographer and I just opened a studion 3 weeks ago. I plan to have a grand opening soon. I have been doing photography for 8 years now with a office from home and I’m finally ready to push it to the next level. I do wedding, family portraits, kids and events. I worked on a smaller level and never really marketed my business until now because I want to see it go further and make more money from it as well.

I live in a small town in Alabama. There are beautiful historical old homes here and a lake that many come to see each year. I want to pull in all levels of customers. I love taking photos that really capture the best look a person has. I am a people person and I enjoy my work, but I need more customers to come into my studio. I just did a photo shoot a week ago and I was overwhelmed by getting the photos prepared and packages out. I work alone with no assistance but at times I need the help to go on to the next project.

What is your suggestion for getting more customers/booking sessions and increasing my revenue? I appreciate any input and advice. Thanks in advance. Lenora

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