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Blue RibbonLast week, once all the holiday print orders were sent off to the lab, the computer was pried from my fingers and I was forced to TURN IT OFF. Yes, a complete technology shut down. Time to focus on family for the holidays. Time to plow through reading the Twilight books (I finished Twilight, and then read all of New Moon and Eclipse in a span of less than a week), work on finishing up my latest knitting project (I’m 3/5 of my way through the 2nd sleeve – so close to being done!), and just unwind. December just FLEW by. It was a crazy, crazy month. The holidays always make it feel like it is going so fast!

So now as we head into the new year … there is so much on my list to do! So many things for you to look forward to! Yeah!!! I’m actually going to make my list in reverse order – just easier for me to think through! These are just some of the upcoming blog posts!

– Brooke & Billy’s Wedding – online gallery will be ready in the next 3 days, followed by the blog post
– Jodie & Wei’s Engagement Session – online gallery & blog post
– Erika & Nick’s Engagement Session
– Jodie & Joshua’s Engagement Session
– Amy & Paul’s Wedding
– Amy & Jerry’s Engagement Session & Wedding
– Andrea & Rich’s Wedding
– Lindsey & Shelby’s Wedding
– Sarah & Jason’s Wedding
– Samantha & Ben’s Engagement Session & Civil Ceremony
– Kathleen & David’s Wedding
– LOTS OF SLIDESHOWS from all the 2008 weddings!!!
– Updating the flash portfolio
– Plus a lot of new things are going up over on Boudoir Mon Cheri! (The photo here is one of the sneak peeks of a shoot that I can now share since the Christmas gift has been received!)

It has been an amazing, wonderful, awesome year. I can’t tell you what an honor it is to be a part of a wedding day. It is such a moving experience. I feel like I’ve been truly blessed by every couple I have worked with, and I can’t thank them all enough. In the end, I photographed over 30 weddings this year, including ones that I was able to photograph as a second for other *amazing* photographers. 2008 was more than my wildest dreams could have ever imagined – and I can’t WAIT for 2009!

I went through some old boxes of stuff over the weekend that had managed to gather in storage – I now have a HUGE pile of things to donate! The funniest thing I found though was one I just couldn’t part with yet – Mike dared me to wear it to the next Twitter or Flickr group meetup. Feel free to laugh at it — you can see it here. Yes, I know you’re jealous, and you always wished YOU had one…

I’m off to get through some of the email I have waiting for me (it was a complete technology detox) and I’ll post more photos here tomorrow!

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