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Announcing: Wedding Slideshows!

I’m so excited to announce that I am adding video slideshows back to the services we offer! I could never find a solution I was totally happy with, but then I found Animoto. Ok, in all fairness, I found them a few years ago, but it wasn’t until I talked with Erik, the head of their marketing team, at SXSW Interactive that I finally took the plunge and set up my Pro account with them, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! He answered all of my questions that I had about privacy concerns and how I could easily get files for my clients to view and all sorts of other things as well! Yay, Animoto!

We just launched Lauren & Isaiah’s Wedding Gallery online yesterday (if you know them, the access code is Isaiah’s last name), and since I had the image files handy I went through the steps of learning how Animoto works (and all the COOL features the Pro account has!) and made my very first video with them which you see above! It took me a few hours to get everything just right, but I’m so glad I took the time – I love it! I’ve also created my own YouTube channel now, so feel free to subscribe for future videos!

Side note: I’m a total geek. I’m user #8610 on Twitter, I’ve used it for so long. I used Odeo (the business that Twitter grew out of) before that when I had a knitting podcast. I named WordPress. Literally. I’ve been on Facebook since before most people knew what Facebook was. I’ve blogged at BigPinkCookie since 2000. Yet I’ve never had a YouTube account before today – I find this highly amusing!

Props to Kelly for coming to photograph the ceremony with me, and Kari for joining me in photographing the reception. It was so fun having you there with me to share this special day! This is the third wedding I’ve photographed for Lauren’s family – first Kelly’s wedding on October, 2009, the Tiffany’s on New Year’s Eve 2009, and now Lauren’s. I can’t wait for the next one! I’ll be sharing more for Lauren & Isaiah’s wedding soon!

DVDs of Video Slideshows will be added soon to our collections as well so you can have one from your wedding day!

Ceremony: Christ the Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Spring TX
Reception: The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center, The Woodlands, TX

Video Slideshow: Animoto
Music licensed through Animoto: Happy by Secrets in Stereo

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Breathtaking….I can’t stop watching this video because it told our story so accurately. Each time I watch it, I shed a tear because it is so perfect. Thank you Christine – we love you!

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