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Ann & Karl’s Destination Wedding in Bristol, UK – The Reception

While every wedding is as unique as the couple and all of their family & friends, every wedding seems to divide itself natural among three parts of the day – getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception. The emotions that flow through these three portions are very distinctive as well, differing levels of joy, happiness, nerves, relief, and pure bliss. You never sense the joy as much though as those first minutes after the ceremony. Everyone just wants to congratulate the couple – and the happiness in the room rises to an amazing, palatable point.

As we did some brief family photographs, Karl’s mum & his grandmum had to take a moment to check out his brand new ring.

Meanwhile, in another part of the room, some of Ann’s knitting friends actually MADE her a garter during the ceremony! I saw them finishing it up – they crocheted their masterpiece, which was faster than knitting it, in colors to compliment her wedding dress. Ann was suitably surprised! Karl was kind enough to tie it on for her. Brilliant!

Ann’s wedding bouquet was so stunning – and so perfect. Thistles to represent her Scottish heritage, and roses to represent Karl’s English heritage.

The wedding was on Guy Fawke’s Day, which is celebrated traditionally with fireworks. As such, Ann & Karl had mini-sparklers in the vases filled with favors on the tables, along with what we refer to as champagne poppers – the little plastic bottles that when you pull the string, streamers fly out. Everyone had fun with them as we enjoyed the delicious food the Byzantium served.

It is my understanding that the toasts at weddings in the UK have a more set order than they do in the US, and they are normally started by the bride’s father or oldest relative. Ann’s father passed away several years ago, after my husband Mike & I had met her. Her mum & her sister both are not keen on public speaking. While talking about who she would ask to do the speech, we realized that Mike was the friend at the wedding that had known Ann the longest, and when Ann asked if he would step in and fill the role, he happily obliged.

After Mike’s toast, Karl gave one as well, followed by his younger brother. There was laughter and tears throughout.

After the toasts, the Byzantium served their famous Lanterns – these lovely dessert trays full of sweets. They were a big hit!

After dessert, we all headed downstairs so that Ann & Karl could cut the cake – with more fireworks!

Then it was time to get the party started! The dance floor was open, and people danced until 2am — a few hours later than most Houston weddings go! It was fantastic fun, we all had such a great time!

As the party went on downstairs, upstairs the cake was served – along with pizza, french fries, and bacon butty sandwiches. Yum! Also, the finest Scotch was brought out and served by Karl to some of his closest friends who were there. I heard that was quite yummy as well…

The dancing continued, and before we knew it the night was over. One last huge dance that all the remaining guests joined in to send Ann & Karl off, and then they departed to return to our hotel and recover from one long and AMAZING, wonderful day!

Thank you again a million times over to Ann & Karl for including us as a part of your wedding. Every wedding is special to me, but Ann & I have been friends since our single days, and I credit her for introducing me to my fabulous husband (while he was in London & I was in Houston and it was many months before we actually met). It was such joy watching your families & friends come to celebrate the two of you. We love you!

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The Details:
Wedding & Ceremony – Byzantium in Bristol
Ann’s Perfect Wedding Dress – College Green Bridal in Bristol
Ann’s Hair – MeMe Salon in Bristol
Wedding Cake – Waitrose in London
Invitations & Menu Cards – designed & made by Ann

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