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Is Your Website a Place You Can Truly Call Home?

Is your website a place you can truly call home? Time to make it one! New on

I love looking at home decor. Pinterest, magazines, websites – all of it. Domino magazine? Oh goodness, the BEST. Anyone else love Domino magazine? Yes. I can look through them for HOURS. Just ask my friend Tara about the day I spent going through her collection of Domino magazines. It was delightful. Working on my…

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What Is Your Excuse for Not Doing the Work?

What is Your Excuse for Not Doing the Work?

I need to just go ahead and admit it – I am one of those people that totally freaks out when I find out company is coming over. I run around, cleaning up everything in sight. It is sort of a double-edged sword; having company come over makes me clean my house (and I do…

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